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In our daily lives, we often find ourselves navigating through a world driven by instinct, attraction, and influential emotions. Whether we’re negotiating with our children, haggling on the Marketplace, or trying to convince our colleagues of the value of our proposals, the art of persuasion plays a crucial role. It is a skill that, once mastered, can provide immense value in every aspect of our lives.

That’s why we invite you to join our upcoming webinar on the Power of Persuasion. This webinar is designed specifically for industry professionals who want to enhance their negotiation skills and become more effective persuaders. Whether you’re a broker, agent, property and casualty underwriter, or adjuster, this session will prove invaluable in your career.

Accreditation:  3 Hours
ON/BC/MB Accreditation: Personal Skills
SK: All classes other than Life / General
AB: General and Adjusters