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Twice winner of the IIO-Conestoga chapter Instructor of the Year Award, Melanie thrives on seeing each and every student succeed.

Maureen Johnson, Business Development Consultant and Trainer

“Melanie is an experienced instructor and certified trainer who cares deeply about her students. She imparts specialist insurance knowledge across a wide variety of insurance and insurance-related topics. A passionate and creative teacher/trainer, Melanie’s personal style as an instructor is inclusive and highly approachable. Her winning personality promotes participant enthusiasm and engagement. She breathes life into training content by using meaningful examples that help students see the bigger picture. Melanie often tells her students, “You’ve got this!” and she’s right – her students would agree that, after one of Melanie’s sessions, they truly understand the subject, plus have the added bonus of having fun while learning it.”

John A.F. McNeil, Program Coordinator and Professor, Humber College

“Melanie is a gifted adult educator, and professional coach! She has a real gift for creating and facilitating engaging, resonating and impactful learning experiences.

Melanie is a thought leader when it comes teaching and learning of team dynamics, management, performance and various financial industries such as insurance.

Her training’s are always the ones that come to mind when one asks you what great adult learning should look like. She will be an asset to any company that she works with.”

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Our Clients

Melanie is pleased to have helped many businesses find success through training.

Dave Scharman Managing Partner Jennabec Inc.

Melanie is a knowledgeable, articulate professional. Able to make detailed concepts understandable

Adam Mitchell | President Mitchell & Whale Insurance

Melanie has been a great resource for our busy business.
She has become our defacto training and licensing resource. The passing Guarantee makes great business sense.

Billie Jo| Orr Insurance Brokers Inc.

Very well presented and easy to follow. Excellent content, great take away’s, refreshers and tps!

Kelly - Access Insurance

… I am very impressed with this. I have been working on the commercial side of things for 3 years and this is not the average webinar that I was expecting. I have recommended that this be something for new hires to help with learning the ropes of Commercial Insurance. What I have seen so far actually has me excited for the rest of the course. I also greatly appreciate the very fast response to all my questions.

Johanna Parks CAIB - Operations Manager Darling Insurance

… the most engaging and effective instructor I have ever had the pleasure of learning from, she also makes herself available to provide additional tutoring, guidance or just an ear if you need to talk something through. Not only would I not hesitate to recommend Melanie to someone, but it would be both my honour and pleasure to do so!

Greg - Orr Insurance Brokers Inc.

‘MRD has been the most informative and engaging online learning that I have ever experienced. It has proven to be an incredibly reliable and effective tool for new information and review. The MRD team has found a way to deliver material in a simple yet in-depth manner that is a pleasure to watch and listen to. I find the lesson plans set up in such a way that you are pretty much guaranteed to learn and succeed. I will be utilizing MRD throughout my career.’

Lana Da Silva Marketing Manager/Principal Broker for Canada Brown & Brown Insurance

Melanie is efficient, detailed and to the point. Melanie gets personally invested, has a wealth of information and professional contacts in the business, and always knows someone to assist. Her reputation is strong, professional, diligent and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Melanie and MRD Training & Consulting Inc. I honestly believe I would not be celebrating our successes if I had done this on my own. Thank you Melanie.

Former Student

Melanie is passionate about education and promotes professional development at every opportunity

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