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When you need to find an amazing group activity for your next corporate event or just looking for a team building activity, MRD Training & Consulting Inc. can plan a winning event your employees will remember and talk about for years. Every day we help people just like you at companies big and small in by providing fun and captivating ideas designed to keep your employees entertained, engaged and motivated.


We’re passionate about delivering experiences that exceed expectations, regardless of your location, group size or budget. We promise to leave a lasting impact that will keep you coming back for more.


Event cost vary based on number of employees, location and duration.


The Scavenger Hunt

Get your team out of the office and with a fun scavenger hunt activity. This event will get your team out into the city to take part in a friendly and fun competition. Your group will work together to strategize over scavenger hunt clues, and get silly to complete photo challenges.
Teams complete challenges using simple directions and smart phone devices. Participants will need to get creative, use teamwork, and collaborate to solve problems and climb to the top of the leader board. Teams can complete the easy challenges first to get a head start, or jump straight to the more difficult clues to earn big points. Either way, your group will be scrambling to complete all the challenges before time runs out.
The scavenger hunt clues include fun intellectual riddles and entertaining physical challenges that take teams on a whirlwind tour and helps you as the employer identify employee strengths.

Kiss The Chef!!

Chefs practice communication, prioritizing, adaptability and improvisation every day. Now your corporate team can harness and hone these same skills by participating in Put Your Chef Hat On! This unique and popular culinary adventure mixes different activities to produce an unforgettable team building experience.

Creativity Rejoice!!

Where does that creative spark go from our younger years? In truth, it is still there it just needs to be given a workout once in a while. The ability to sync our right side of the brain with our left side of the brain’s left side, which employers know is a hot commodity in today’s age. Learn how your team can incorporate under used elements of design, storytelling and play to find out how creativity could be your next big competitive edge.

Themed Evenings

We will help create a mysterious themed evening that will be a surprise to everyone, even you! Tell us when and how many people and we will take care of the rest.

Pay It Forward

A real favourite with our clients. Your teams will explore the city or town of your choice while performing random acts of kindness and selfless good deeds. If you’re looking for a really rewarding and fun activity, then Pay It Forward is the perfect option.
This activity has a massive bang for its buck as it positively impacts so many people in very special ways.

Giving Back to the Community

There is nothing better than giving back to the community you work and play in. We will set your employees into group and send out to complete random acts of kindness designed to brighten the days of others while building teamwork skills and having fun. The team that can complete the most challenges before time runs out will get to choose the ultimate act of kindness for the company to embark on.

Let’s Bring Out The Funk!

Thing of the Broadway musicals Stomp…Meets The Blue Man Group…..meets your employees! We bring the most random items and magic ensues. Watch, learn and listen as the newest orchestra takes the stage. This event seems simple but we take it to a new level with the basics: trust, teamwork and a little determination.

Cocktail 2016

Everyone remembers how amazing the movie Cocktail was right? Well now your employees can feel like they are the real deal. We come to you and bring a trained mixologist to teach them the basics of bartending. But the fun doesn’t end there. Your groups will then be responsible for making the new company drink! Points will be award for taste, style, presentation and of course the most original name.

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