MRD Training & Consulting is a certified DiSC® Trainer
MRD Training & Consulting Inc. is excited to be a certified DiSC® Trainer and able to offer you some amazing sessions to really improve your team.

Training Sessions to improve your team:

Objectives of the program:

DiSC is a powerful tool used by thousands of Fortune 500 companies. The behavioral traits are not explained in simple terms of “black and white,” rather there are blends that provide more of a “grey” when traits from less predominant styles show up in a person’s personality. The blend will likely have a primary (or stronger) type, followed by a secondary (not quite as strong) type, which allows us to understand the likely priorities (what is really important) of an individual.
The end result is a much more intuitive and memorable presentation of the data, which allows individuals and teams to quickly understand and interpret relationships in the DiSC model, and be able to adapt their approach to improve communication in a variety of environments.


  • Everything DiSC Workplace®
  • Everything DiSC® Management
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®
  • Everything DiSC® Sales
  • Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders
  • Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict
  • The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team®

Topaz Award Winner 2022!

Opal Award Winner

We are excited to share that Wiley has awarded MRD Training and Consulting Inc. the title of Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors Opal Award Winner for our achievement and commitment to unlocking human potential.