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The area of inclusion and diversity in training is becoming more and more important as companies become more attuned to these topics. It is important for an organization, today, to employ a diverse workforce, which includes people from different backgrounds and with a variety of characteristics. However, it is not enough to make sure that a company has a diverse workforce. Every member of staff also needs to feel included. Team leaders and managers are key to ensuring the development of an inclusive work environment. Join us as we discuss what diversity and inclusion are and why they are both important in business; Pinpoint the characteristics of inclusive leadership and of course apply strategies and develop a plan to make their leadership style more inclusive.

This is a jam-packed session with a lot of interaction so get ready to be engaged!

Accreditation:  3 Hours
ON/BC/MB Accreditation: Management
SK: All classes other than Life / General
AB: General and Adjusters