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Resilience (less commonly also called resiliency) is the ability to endure adversities, recover from them, and grow stronger as a result. There are many benefits of resilience, both on a personal and professional level. Personal resilience for an individual is important as it improves their well-being and mental health which in turn reflects productivity and stronger relationships with teams and clients. The aim of this course is to help participants develop resilience-boosting attitudes and to understand how their personal resilience can be applied to the workplace.

Topics include:
  • Identify what resilience is and why it is important.
  • Pinpoint the characteristics of resilient people.
  • Recognize strategies to develop personal resilience.
  • Find ways to develop resilience at work.
  • Develop a personal resilience plan.


Accreditation:  3 Hours
ON/MB: Accreditation: Personal Skills
SK: All classes other than Life / General