Personal Lines Broker Boot Camp

Certificate Program – XX Hours Continuing Education Credits Available
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To purchase the Personal Lines Broker Boot Camp Certificate Program, follow the below registration process.

Registering only yourself or up to four individuals:

  1. Select the elective course, from the list provided, that you wish to register for
  2. Fill out the required student and billing information
  3. Proceed to payment
  4. Once purchased, you gain instant access and can start the course immediately

Registering five or more individuals:

  1. Create a list of each individual’s name, email address, and elective of choice
  2. Send the list of students to IBABC, Jenny Ryu, Director of Curriculum & Instructions via email at EMAIL HERE (ensure to include the complete list of registrants)
  3. Your group will be registered and a single invoice, with the group discount applied, will be emailed to you directly (emails are sent within 24 hours of registration)
  4. Individuals will receive a welcome email with login instructions to access the program

Registering for additional electives in excess of the one required for certificate completion ($$$ + GST per course):

  1. Complete the above registration process
  2. When logged in, extra electives can be found on the Account Page
  3. Select the chosen extra elective
  4. Complete the payment process
  5. The elective will be added to your list of courses, and you will have instant access immediately


How to access the course

  1. Under the above ‘E-Learning’ drop down, click ‘Log In’
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Once logged in, return to the ‘E-Learning’ drop down, select the ‘Account Page’


“We Are Here” Chat Function – 24/7 Live Chat
At the bottom of the screen, there is a “We Are Here” icon. This is a 24/7 live chat with experienced individuals who can assist you with your program at any time.

When in a course – there is a notes button that can be clicked. Notes can be typed at any time during a course and are saved into your profile. These notes can be downloaded as a Word document at any time.



IBABC Personal Broker Boot Camp Virtual Open House

Program Registration Welcome and Instructions

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Mandatory Modules

Elective Modules

Personal Lines mandatory courses included in the program are listed below.


    Optional Soft skills: 1 technical + time management, note taking, writing

      Elective Soft Skills Technical

      Description goes here

      • Small Commercial Business
      Elective Soft Skills Management

      Description goes here

      • Ethics
      • Writing – no CE credits
      • Time Management – no CE credits

      Mandatory Modules

      Module One

      Underwriting the Homeowners Application

      We take you section by section to understand how to complete the application and the importance of each section. Remember proper documentation is imperative for our own E&O protection and to ensure we are providing all the appropriate coverage.

      Condominium Insurance

      Condo insurance is an often misunderstood product. Misconceptions are common and many stem from confusion about coverage provided by the Condo Corporation’s insurance vs. the unit owner’s condo insurance. Whether you’re a Broker, Underwriter or Adjuster, learn about this in-demand product.
      Accreditation: 2 Hours

      Seasonal & Secondary Homes

      Seasonal and secondary homes;  join us for this course to finally understand the differences in all the different models, unique exposures to each, coverage available and the current industry trends.

      Accreditation:  2 Hours


      A dive into the tenants’ policy, including a review of the types of policies and available application; discussion of coverages, areas of concern for under-insurance.

      Accreditation: 1 Hour

      Module Two

      Water Water Water

      This interactive session teaches you almost everything you need to know about water! We will learn basic terminology around water, floods and coverage. Once we know the basics we will delve into the policy wording of a homeowners policy, Sewer Back-Up and Overland Water and Flood. Once we are done you will be so comfortable with the peril of water and be able to confidently explain why each coverage is required, what is covered and excluded and how to ensure your client understands the exposure.

      Accreditation: 2 Hours




      Accreditation: 2 Hours

      The Umbrella Policy

      If you’ve ever heard the term “umbrella coverage,” your first thought might have been weather-related. But in the insurance world, umbrella coverage has nothing to do with actual umbrellas. So, what is umbrella coverage? How does it work? And who should buy an umbrella policy? We might not be able to help you track down your elusive umbrella, but we do have the answers to your umbrella insurance questions.

      Accreditation: 2 Hours

      Module Three

      Specialty Coverage Personal Lines

      Description here….


      Travel Insurance

      Travel Insurance Basics
      Ever wonder if OHIP covers you while travelling? How much does it cover? What about different types of travel policies on the market? Join us in this two hour session where we discuss everything from different types of travellers to typical coverage and exclusions.

      Accreditation:  2 Hours


      Manufactured Homes and Trailers

      Trailers, Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes, Modular Homes…..the list goes on and on. Join us for this course to finally understand the differences in all the different models, unique exposures to each, coverage available and the current industry trends.

      Accreditation: 2 Hours

      Module Four


      E&O / Professional Liability

      We begin with an overview of what the coverage entails. We will discuss who needs the coverage, what is included in the coverage and how to underwrite an application. We then will do a comprehensive case study consisting of a review of an application. We will discuss understanding all aspects and common underwriting flags to look for.

      Accreditation: 3 Hours



      Are you new to the insurance business and want to know a little more about claims? Wondering how claims really work and who is involved? Join us in this session for an introduction to Claims, all the people involved and what a claims adjuster does.

      In this course, you’ll learn basic claims terminology, a review of all the parties involved in a claim and a dive into the basics of adjusting a claim, including a review of a loss report for both auto and property.

      Accreditation: 2 Hours




      Accreditation: 1 Hour