We just want to take a minute to wish every single one of you a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays. 

The holiday season can become a stressful time for some people so we want to share some of our favourite self-care tips for the holidays.
1. Give yourself permission
Give yourself permission to take care of your personal needs & permission to decline invites
2. Connect
Take this time to connect, whether it be with yourself, friends, family, etc. It can be easy to forget to connect with those who are important to us.
3. Give Back To Others
This doesn’t have to mean you spend money (we all know everyone overspends at Christmas!) but when you go to a holiday party, find ways to help the host. Notice who is standing by themselves and introduce yourself.
4. A Free Pass
Christmas is such a BUSY time. Dinners, catch-ups & parties. Go easy on yourself a free pass (or two) so you aren’t swept away at Christmas. It’s okay to eat those carbs, the chocolate, the “junk food”. It’s the holidays, be nice to yourself and don’t totally restrict everything.

& most importantly, be grateful.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from us at MRD Training & Consulting Inc.