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RIBO Licensing ( Broker ) Level One – Course 

  • This program is based on the on-demand course and a Licensing Supplement we have provided for you in the resources.
  • RIBO made changes to the exam, and the property wording is no longer allowed in the exam.
  • Click on the link below for the breakdown of the exam and competencies for the RIBO Exam
This program consists of 12 Lessons which are each followed by a mandatory quiz. Each lesson must be completed in full before you can move on to the next lesson. Each quiz must achieve 80% or higher before the next lesson will open.
There is content such as PowerPoints, cheat sheets and more that can be downloaded with each lesson and are reference material for you.
There are also 6 FULL PRACTICE EXAMS that are timed and set up the way your actual exam will be so these MUST be completed.

Please note a few important tips:

  • This content you are about to embark on is heavy material, time management is essential.
  • The terminology is imperative to understand and not memorize.
  • As you go through the material, you may see some of the questions look similar, and this is the case; they are similar but not the same. The purpose of this provincial exam is to test your understanding of the concepts and materials, so they ask the same thing in many different ways.
  • Pay attention, one word in the question can make or break you.
  • Utilize our support team as they are here to help you be successful 🙂

  • Please note: Once purchased, you will have six months of access to the program.

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