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Are you getting ready to write your exam after taking a course with another provider? Or maybe doing a rewrite? This package includes all of our test material which is geared to help you pass. We know how tough this exam is and we also know you can’t memorize questions to pass. We developed this package to include exam questions covering ALL topics in the new textbooks and exams AND we include explanations to help you understand why the answers are what they are.


The certification exam cannot be passed by only memorizing the practice exam questions. These practice exams provide you with questions that “test” your knowledge of the course content. It gauges how prepared you are for the certification exam; you should obtain a grade of 75% or higher before attempting to write the certification exam. Students who read each chapter and complete each chapter quiz are statistically far more likely to achieve 75% or higher on their mock exam first attempt. Good luck!

Note: if you have not taken a course we recommend purchasing the OTL Licensing Full Program so Melanie can teach you the material.

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